Dear Sir/Madam

Hello and how have you been for many days. Hope you are quite well. We are busy here with end term exams.

This is a note to let you know who I am as you have been so supportive to me in my education. I am a class 8 pupil at St Mary’s Primary. I come from a family of 6 children and I am the last born. My dad is a matatu driver (public transport) living in Mombasa which is a whole day’s journey. My mother is a house wife. I am very grateful for your generosity to support me in my education. May God bless you.

Dear Father

God is good all the time

I am the fifth born in a family of nine children to the family of Francis and Petronillah Kimetu. I am a boarding pupil in Standard 7 at St Mary’s Primary School- Miambani. My parents are farmers whose harvest is determined by the amount of rain which has failed for a number of years now. My parents struggle a lot to provide for us what we need as basic. Many a times they work as casual laborers with very little pay as they are growing old and not strong enough. This makes it hard for my family as we can see our parents struggle to make ends meet. They even sold the cow and the few goats we had to pay school fees for my siblings and now we have none. Only one of my sisters has been able to go for training through Fr Richard’s help. The rest of my siblings have not gone beyond class eight but I hope that one day they will make it to secondary school. My younger brothers and sisters are still in primary school and the youngest two are still at home because they are still babies.

When I grow up I want to be a doctor. May God help me to achieve my goal. I pray for support so that my brothers, my sisters and I can pursue our education. I believe in Jesus name will make it. May the Lord have mercy on us. Amen. Thank you.

I come from Mutukya Village -Mutula Sub County in Kitui. I am the fifth born in a family of six children. I have two brothers and three sisters. I live with my both parents who rely on our garden to feed us.

I take this chance to appreciate you for the support you gave me last term and this term. I am very thankful for this. I school at St Mary’s Primary school. I am now in class six and very serious with my education. The school is under the church and well administered. I am very humbled by your support and please I beg for your continued support in my education. May God bless you. Bye bye

It is my sincere hope that you are doing good. On my side I am doing well in my studies and my family members are well in Christ. I am Charity Mwikali Munyoki and I am a standard eight pupil at St Mary’s Academy- Miambani Parish. St Mary’s Academy is both a boarding and day school for both boys and girls located at Miambani market- Kitui County. It is well known for its good performance in this area.

The purpose of writing this letter to you is first of all to thank you for your sponsorship in my education. I feel humbled and I very much appreciate your help. I promise to work hard and not to fail you in my studies, I do value my studies. Last term a scored 342/500 marks in my exams and I promise to work hard as I approach my Kenya Certificate of primary Education (KCPE) at the end of this year. I would like to score higher marks so that I can join one of the best secondary schools. I like playing football and basketball and more so reading novels. I would like to be a doctor in my country Kenya.

I come from a family of 5 children and I am the fourth born living with a single mother who is an ordinary farmer. With the change and unpredictable rains it has become more challenging for her to support us with the basic needs like food, medical care and education. My younger brother is in class five; my two elder sisters got married at an early age as they lacked school fees. My elder brother is struggling to obtain a degree in education; he often looks for casual work to sustain himself. My father died through a road accident in 2014.

Once again I feel humbled by your kindness and may the Lord grant you whatever you need to help others in need like me. May the Lord bless you abundantly.