1. Advancement of health through the provision of a nutritional food for children at primary school to assist in the development of their health and well being and to ease malnutrition.
  2. Advancement of education, enhanced knowledge and understanding to orphans and support with education fees.
  3. Support the education costs of students to progress to higher education and for the local community to benefit from those educated individuals who will share and educate others.
  4. Maintenance and repair to existing buildings to ensure safe communal and accommodation, and to assist in an improved standard of wellbeing and hygiene

Monies raised to date and donations given have helped with the following

  • Paying school fees/uniform for children whose parents are too poor
  • Feeding the schoolchildren daily in school time in times of famine.
  • Replacing a boys’ latrine totally destroyed in torrential rain December two years ago.
  • Replacing the very tiny school kitchen where the children’s meals are prepared.
  • Provided a fridge, TV and radio for the parochial house
  • Supporting 2 students at University, travel, fees, clothes, lodging and food.
  • Provision of a computer each in October ’17 for these 2 students now in their 2nd year.

The major needs now in addition to the ongoing needs included in the above are:-

  • A Water Bore Hole
  • Replacement of the parish 1993 pick-up truck which Fr has said “breaks down” frequently.

Only for the fund raising efforts and donations these projects would not have been achieved as quickly they have. The overall needs of these people with regards to health and education are monumental and an uphill struggle. We request receipts for monies spent to ensure that these needs are being accomplished.