3A’s Donate Goats

Now with the markets open again, Fr Richard with two seminarians and parish executives, 9 in total, went to buy the goats which the 3A’s donated at his request. In all, 100 she~goats and 15 he~goats were purchased. As there are 4 zones in Fr’s parish of Kyoso, Kitui, Fr Richard and his team had decided the allocation of the goats previously. A zone consists of a few country churches and the one with the highest population was given a slightly higher number of he~goats. Fr Richard stated that it was a “very hectic exercise and we had to sacrifice for long hours out in the heat. We had tagging done immediately as the goats were bought, and used our parish budget for that”. A contract form was given to the recipients of the goats to ensure maximum care of the animals. This should ensure an improved source of food supply and later on income.