St. Hilary Mitamisyi Secondary School Sponsorship

St. Hilary Mitamisyi Secondary School (“St. Hilary’s”) is the latest school to ask to be sponsored by St. Patrick’s Kyuso Parish. As schools start an initiative by the community, in due course they will be registered by the government. These schools require support on various fronts such as land, water, and infrastructure. After some development, and with the increase to student population, those schools are required to choose a faith organisation as a sponsor. The Catholic Diocese of Kitui, through St. Patrick’s Kyuso Parish, has assisted St. Hilary’s in their development in various ways such as acquiring the land the school is situated on, and by drilling a water borehole and supplying water tanks. As a result, we are happy to announce that St. Hilary’s has chosen The Catholic Diocese of Kitui as its sponsor!

St. Hilary’s is situated in Mitamisyi, Ngomeni, in Kitui County. The school formed in 2012 with thirty (30) students. Today, the school has one-hundred and thirty-five (135) students and nine (9) teachers. Since its origination, St Hilary’s has developed through infrastructure and now has a total of four (4) classrooms, four (4) staff houses, two (2) bandas, one (1) laboratory, one (1) dormitory for boys and girls, and one (1) kitchen. In addition, the school’s compound is fenced with chain link.

Despite its vast development over the years, St. Hilary’s still has to manage poverty due to insufficient water and climatic conditions in the area. St Hilary’s has drawn upon its motto “Arise and Shine” for inspiration and has put strategies in place to help students at the school with their studies. Notwithstanding the school’s poverty-related challenges, with continued support from The Catholic Diocese of Kitui and St. Patrick’s Kyuso Parish, we have no doubt St. Hilary’s will Arise and Shine and the school will continue to grow in years to come!

(Attached photograph is St Hilary’s principal with two board members).